Advanced Lawn Solutions is committed to serving the Middle Tennessee area and its residents. Through their “Grow it Forward” campaign, a deserving community member is awarded complimentary lawn care services. Recently, retired Airman David Wells found himself unable to keep his lawn up to his own standards, so Ronnie Bone, Division Manager of Advanced Lawn Solutions, made some phone calls and got to work.

“I talked to several of my product reps, from guys who sell me seed to guys who sell me fertilizer, and everybody was immediately on board with it. I talked to everybody about donating their time, and we donated the man hours and the equipment to care for this gentleman’s yard. Mr. Wells saw this as a really big and overwhelming project, while it is just another day at the office for us,” Ronnie said.

The Advanced Lawn Solutions team worked to kill all existing overrun vegetation and pick up leaves and limbs. They then re-planted the entire lawn and fertilized. They have continued to fuel the growth and follow the treatment plan they created for Mr. Wells. While in the Air Force, one of Mr. Wells’ jobs was to maintain the lawns surrounding the dorms on base. So, Ronnie and the Advanced Lawn Solutions team worked hard to get Mr. Wells’ yard to a place where he could begin to maintain it on his own. Now Mr. Wells is able to keep up his hobby and enjoy a beautiful lawn.

“I can’t wait to start edging it and cutting it,” Mr. Wells said.

Mr. Wells had noticed that several houses in his neighborhood had exceptional lawns maintained by Advanced Lawn Solutions, and he is now pleased to have one of the best looking lawns on the block!

“My street is one of the main entrances of this community that I live in…When you come into the community, it’s nice to come in and see a nice-looking yard with the American flag…It kind of inspires the other neighbors in the neighborhood.”

Advanced Lawn Solutions is proud to offer exceptional lawn care services to the honorable members of this community through the “Grow it Forward” campaign.

To learn more about Advanced Lawn Solutions or to submit the name of a deserving community member in need of lawn services, email or call 615-223-5537.