We provide a Seeding Solution for every Home, Office or Municipality. Our goal is to learn what you as the customer desires and turn that into a reality.

Typically most people think that in order to have the “perfect lawn” they have to incur the expense of having sod put down. This is not true. While sod will give the “overnight result” there are many factors of transplant failure to consider.

Our thought is to start from the ground up. First we will Core Aerate the lawn to loosen the compaction rate in the soil. This process will also allow oxygen to the root system of your existing turf.

Next we will Broadcast a custom blend of grass seed we feel will blend in with your existing turf and apply a starter fertilizer that will help with the germination. With the proper moisture regimen, you will have a great and healthy lawn to be proud of at a portion of the cost to sod!

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Grass Seed Varieties:

Gold Standard Turf Type Tall Fescue:
(Independently researched as one of the best turf type tall fescue blends to use in Middle Tennessee)

This grass germinates in 14-20 days and has a good establishment within 6 weeks. This blend of fescue is very heat and disease tolerant and being a “turf type” it thickens at the root system to create a colorful and vibrant turf for you and your family to enjoy all year round.

Hybrid Bluegrass Blend:
Thermal Blue Blaze | Midnight II | Right Premium Bluegrass:

This is a genetic blend of Texas blue and Kentucky Blue giving the disease resistance and heat tolerance of both. This seed blends perfectly with our Turf Type Tall Fescue and ensures the turf density and top color that you will cherish all year long.

This grass is by far the best in the industry as far as disease resistance and heat tolerance are concerned, but it requires more patience than Fescue. It will germinate in 21-30 days and will grow to be about 1″ tall this fall.

Over the winter and early it will establish an extensive root system during these months. Around May 15th the grass will “pop” and will fill in the areas that have been lacking in thickness. We recommend blending this with Turf-Type Tall Fescue for the first couple of seasons for the best results.

Transition Zone Seed Varieties

Core Aeration

Looses the compaction rate in the soil by pulling core plugs allowing oxygen directly to the grass’ root system.

Spring Core Aeration & Overseed

Optional. Spring seeding can have positive results at first, however rapid decline can happen in high heat conditions. Not recommended for most lawns.

Fall Core Aeration & Overseed

A perfect time to seed. Typically Sept-Oct. The root system is established during the fall & winter resulting in a lush canvas for the following spring.

Total Renovation

Prior to seeding, the lawn is “total killed” & followed by a heavy core aeration and overseed allowing for uniform germination & establishment.

Spring & Summer Sodding

Sod allows for the “overnight result”. Typically the highest cost option. Sod can provide fast results with proper feeding and routine maintenance.