Most people think that in order to have the “perfect lawn,” they have to incur the expense of having sod put down.

This isn’t true.

While sod will give “overnight results,” there are many factors of transplant failure to consider.

Our thought is to start from the ground up. First, we will Core Aerate the lawn to loosen the compaction rate in the soil. This process will also allow oxygen to the root system of your existing turf. Next we will Broadcast a custom blend of grass seed we feel will blend in with your existing turf and apply a starter fertilizer that will help with the germination. With the proper moisture regimen, you will have a great and healthy lawn to be proud of at a portion of the cost to sod!

And all Fescue seed is not the same. We look for Turf Density, Disease Resistance and overall Heat Tolerance. From using Gold Standard Turf Type Tall Fescue to our own Signature Blend of Midnight II and Thermal Blue Blaze, we strive to provide only the best possible results. All of the seed we use is from the current year and 99.9% pure, giving our lawns only the best possible germination rate as well as the best possible stand without the risk of unwanted growth. When you think about turf grass as a building tool for your lawn, you only want to use the best for our area which is traditionally more expensive. However, the results from these varieties far supersede the general 3 way fescue in all attributes. We guarantee all of our Over-seeding services!

Turf-Type Tall Fescue
Gold Standard tall fescue mix contains varieties selected and bred for outstanding resistance to brown patch. Developed in the southeastern United States where brown patch is prevalent, Gold Standard is a dark green, moderately low growing, turf-type tall fescue with excellent heat tolerance as well as very good shade and wear tolerance for a beautiful lawn year round. Gold Standard is ideal for home lawns, parks, athletic fields, sod production, and commercial use.

Thermal Blue Blaze Hybrid Bluegrass

Thermal Blue Blaze has outstanding, dark green genetic color, with uniform medium texture leaves. With superior shade tolerance and excellent drought recovery, Thermal Blue Blaze adds better recovery and increased disease resistance to your turf. This is the next variety up from the Solar Green Hybrid Bluegrass we have used in the past several years. Thermal Blue Blaze will annually re-seed itself through rhizomes in its adult root system. This grass is by far the best in the industry as far as disease resistance and heat tolerance are concerned, but it requires more patience than Fescue. It will germinate in 21-30 days and will grow to be about 1″ tall this fall. Over the winter and early it will establish an extensive root system during these months. Around May 15th the grass will “pop” and will fill in the areas that have been lacking in thickness. We recommend blending this with Turf-Type Tall Fescue for the first couple of seasons for the best results.

Midnight II Bluegrass
Probably the most outstanding feature of Midnight Kentucky bluegrass is its unusually dark blue-green color giving it a rich color even under low maintenance conditions. Its high tiller density provides a thick carpet that will stand up to the abuses of athletic fields and high traffic. Sod producers and homeowners alike will enjoy Midnight’s dwarf growth characteristics which result in fewer mowings and lower maintenance costs. This outstanding cultivar shows good resistance to leaf spot and stem rust, stripe smut and dollar spot. University trials have documented Midnight’s heat and drought tolerance.