With warmer weather among us, it’s time to start thinking about our landscaping. Most importantly, protecting it. A light winter and an early spring many times can mean an early and fierce appearance of common garden pests. Three of the top offenders that we deal with in Middle Tennessee are Japanese Beetles, Bagworms and Mites. These pests can wreck havoc on any ornamental landscaping tree, shrub, and even floral plants. To protect your landscaping investment and hard work, it is important to be preventative and proactive. Advanced Lawn Solutions experts know how to identify which specific insects or mice are active or could be potentially problem causing for your plants. We will assess your property and then build a custom program to target your needs specifically at key times during the year. This program may include spray applications to your landscaping. Our garden pest control professionals welcome the opportunity to assess your property landscaping for recommendations.

Among the most common complaint we receive from new customers are beetles. Those pesky Japanese Beetles. They generally start to appear in June but with warmer weather and earlier spring you could begin to see them sooner. You will notice them beginning to chew on leaves and shrubs, especially those beautiful Crape Myrtles and your birch and purple plum trees. Spraying can provide immediate relief of these leaf-eating pests.

What about mites? Your evergreens, such as spruces and pines can become damaged because of very small mites that feed on the plant. Mites, because they are so small in size often go unnoticed, you need magnification to even see them with your eyes. However, a healthy, happy mite, feeding on a tree can reproduce at a rapid pace. A colony of mites can not only cause damage to the appearance of your trees, but even cause tree death. Spraying for mites at crucial times of the year helps reduce this pest’s numbers and keeps your trees happy and healthy.

The third biggest new customer call we get is for Bagworms. We have all seen those nasty infestations in trees and shrubs before. It’s a sure sign that you’ve got a problem. Though you can remove the bagworms by scraping the tree or shrub it inhabits, spraying is definitely the best method for eliminating the pest problem. Spraying for bagworms early on is crucial for proactively preventing this destructive pest from becoming an issue in your landscaping.

Though Beetles, Mites and Bagworms are among the top offenders in Middle Tennessee landscaping, there are many other pests that damage landscapes. Advanced Lawn Solutions professionals are trained to be able to identify your problem and recommend the proper course of action for your property. If you live in Middle Tennessee and you value your landscaping, call us today to talk about what we can do to keep pests from taking over your landscaping this year!