Weeds do not recognize that it is your lawn, not theirs. They are opportunists and will grow and flourish given even the smallest opportunity. If your lawn has any weaknesses, we assure you the weeds will take over. This is especially true when it comes to broadleaf weeds. Once broadleaf weeds take root in your lawn, they can quickly spread and destroy the appearance of your lawn. This is why broadleaf weed control is an important component to any lawn care regimen.

There are many types of weeds out there waiting to take control of your yard, and that may lead you to lay awake at night wondering “what is the best method to take back my lawn?” First of all, you’ve taken a step in the right direction by having a regimented lawn care maintenance program. Maintaining a healthy, green turf grass will help keep those pesky broadleaf weeds from sprouting up. A thick lavish lawn of healthy green grass makes it much tougher for weeds to take root in the first place. We like to call this preventative lawn care. However, this isn’t a full proof plan and as we said weeds are opportunists and they are ready to grow at the slightest sign of weakness in your yard. This is why even the most immaculate lawns require weed control.

The first step to weed control is weed identification. Broadleaf weeds can be separated into essentially two categories, creeping weeds and rosette weeds. These two categories have entirely different growth patterns. Being able to identify what type or types of weeds you have in your lawn will determine the weed control method you need to use.

A preemergent is generally the way to go with most broadleaf weeds. Though this works for most broadleaf weeds, some are not affected by the preemergent because they germinate and emerge at several times throughout the year when the preemergent is no longer active. In cases such as this the best way to handle it is to apply specialized preemergent mixtures directly to the weeds. One application will most likely not be enough and this method will have to be reapplied over several growing seasons.

What does all of this mean to you? Well, it means that different weeds and different growth stages of weeds require a different method of broadleaf weed control; and if one of your goals in life is to become a weed expert, then you’ll be just fine. However, if you love your lawn but knowing every stage in development in weeds and their growing patterns aren’t something you want to specialize in, it’s probably best left to us at Advanced Lawn Solutions. We make it look easy and effortless with our specialized team and equipment.

An Advanced Lawn Specialist can get your weeds under control quickly and set you up with a preventative lawn care program keeping your lawn lush, green and weed free all year.

To learn more about Advanced Lawn Solutions weed control for your lawn call us today!