Café Lighting: The Newest, Hottest Trend in Outdoor Lighting for Your Home.

Café Lighting, String Lighting, Bistro Lighting, Vintage Lighting, Twinkle Lighting; you may call it by many different names, but what doesn’t change is the beautiful affect and impact it has on your outdoor living space. The trend comes from traditional Carnival Lighting you might see at a county fair or a festival even. Home Café Lighting is becoming increasingly popular because no matter if you’re in a Nashville top floor condo, a Murfreesboro neighborhood or a Woodbury country home — Café Lighting fits the vibe of any home!

Outdoor lighting for your home not only provides security measures by lighting up your outdoor space, but it really can increase your living and entertaining space. Whether adding traditional outdoor lighting and/or Café Lighting, it creates a mood for entertaining or even relaxation that otherwise would be hard to achieve.

At Advanced Lawn Solutions we understand the importance of creating an outdoor space you can live and entertain in. We live in a great area for outdoor entertaining in Middle Tennessee, especially this time of year! While parts of the country have to take their entertaining inside by now, we still have plenty of time to enjoy our beautiful outdoor living spaces. Café Lighting adds the something extra special to any outdoor living space, big or small, our professionals can design a beautiful space for you and your guests to enjoy!

So, if you’re looking to up your outdoor living and entertaining space game call us today! Whether it’s for your country home, your condo, houseboat, apartment or maybe even your business — outdoor string lighting is a fun idea for all outdoor spaces! We look forward to working with you and your outdoor living space!

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