“One of the things we have to remember about lawn and landscape care is it’s better to prevent issues before they become problems. Prevention is a big part of our treatment program. We can’t stop everything, but the old saying holds true: “an ounce of prevision is worth a pound of cure”. We love a customer’s input as we help care for your lawn and landscape. Who better to see any slight change than you?”

As a team we are much more effective. We would rather you call about nothing vs. not calling about something. As much as we try with preventative products, plants still get sick, so the sooner we detect a problems we can start a curative treatment.

Always remember we are happy to take care of any problems or concerns you have with your lawn and landscape. Many things can affect a treatment application. So if you feel that a treatment did not give you the expected results, we are always happy to return, evaluate and respond accordingly including treatment if necessary.”

Thank you for your business!

Jim Swett
Owner & Senior Horticulturalist

Serving Middle Tennessee since 1993

Advanced Lawn Services is a division of Ameri-Care Horticultural Services, Inc. We strive to serve Middle Tennessee with our Professionalism and Integrity while implementing the most advanced horticulture methods to your lawn and landscape. All of our services are guaranteed.* We believe the key to being a great service company is caring about the results we provide. We have the experience, dedication and equipment to make your lawn and landscape stand out above the rest.

We have been serving Middle Tennessee since 1993 and are committed to offering only the best services possible in our industry as well as thoroughly researched and proven products in a program custom tailored to meet the needs of your lawn and landscape.

Allow us to show you the difference in Lawn Care! We have a licensed Horticulturalist on staff and technicians that are fully trained in the best methods of lawn care, weed control, fertilization and tree and shrub care.