So you’ve watered your lawn and landscaping all year, you’ve treated them to protect from pests, you have aerated this fall… you’ve set your lawn up for a beautiful blooming spring…but have you fed your tree and shrub roots? Deep Root Feeding is a vital part in having that lush canopy and foliage that we love to see each spring.

Deep root feeding is primarily for trees and large shrubs that are part of your landscape or in your lawn. By applying fertilizer beneath the surface of your lawn, large quantities of fertilizer are applied (without damaging your lawn of course) beneath the surface where the roots can absorb them easier and more efficiently. When fertilizer is applied above the surface you run the risk of burn spots, dark green spots of tall grass or the turf grass absorbing all of the nutrients. Applying injections of fertilizer below the surface ensures the most nutrients being absorbed by the roots of your tree or shrubbery.

The proper application of Deep Root Fertilizer is approximately 6-8 inches under the surface and the professionals here at Advanced Lawn Solutions know exactly how to do this properly. We will quickly inject the nutrients into the soil in dozens of places to ensure proper deep root feeding.

Call us today if you have trees or shrubs in your lawn or landscaping that could use a good feeding through the winter. They will thank you with a beautiful canopy and foliage of growth to provide your lawn with beauty and shade all through the spring and summer!