Do you remember a time when it started to rain and your irrigation was running and you were busy at work? Or when you were out of town and a dry spell hit and your lawn was in desperate need of a good watering? Don’t get caught off guard again. At Advanced Lawn Solutions we can help you take control of your irrigation system, anytime, anywhere with a new, web-based HC Controller with Hydrawise software.

This system has several benefits.

  1. It is easy to use. You can manage your irrigation controller using your smartphone, tablet and PC apps.
  2. You will save water and money. The Hydrawise software uses weather station information to predict temperature, rainfall probability, wind and humidity to adjust your system’s watering schedule.
  3. It will save you precious time. Advanced Lawn Solutions will have remote access to your controller if assistance is needed at anytime. This will minimize in person maintenance needs.
  4. This web-based system monitors water usage. The optional flow meter will view water usage to determine if anything is abnormal, such as, a broken pipe, spray head, faulty wiring or leaky valves.

This innovative new system is convenient, will maximize water savings and provide a healthy and exceptional looking yard. Call Advanced Lawn Solutions today to learn more.