Our Estate Programs are designed with your convenience in mind. We combine our 3 top services catering to your entire exteriorscape maintenance needs. Our Lawn Care Program consists of 8 applications annually. We include all aspects of southern horticulture turf care into our program without having to add extra services throughout the year. Our Tree & Shrub Program consists of 5 applications annually. We maintain the health and nutritional stability for every ornamental in your landscape. Every plant is individually inspected and treated in accordance with its needs based upon our Middle Tennessee Climate. Last but not least is our Bed Control Program. We use a series of pre-emergents and post-emergents to keep any unwanted weeds out of the beds, keeping a great curb appeal about the home.

All Estate Accounts Are Set up with the convenience of Monthly Billing

Monthly Estate Services Include:

•Turf Grass Applications and Inspections for Insects, Disease & Growth Irregularities

•Landscape Applications and Inspections for Insects, Disease & Growth Irregularities

•Weed Control & Pre Emergent in the Landscape Beds, Tree Rings, Ect.

Optional Services:

•Professional Mowing and Maintenance

•Sod Installation

•Mulching Services

•pH Adjustments

•Spring Color Recommendations

•Irrigation Installation Recommendations

Please Note that the fundamental core of our Estate Program is to provide the Nutritional Supplements and Environmentally Friendly Herbicides and Pesticides to our Customers to make their Lawn and Landscape as Healthy and Vibrant as Possible. If you have a Mowing or Landscape Service that you have a good personal relationship with, Great! We Value good relationships. We can incorporate our programs around the other services already implemented at your home.