Driving around any neighborhood in Middle Tennessee you’re going to see variations in turf grass from lawn to lawn. Some lawns you can tell the home owner really takes pride in lush, perfect turf and landscaping and others might not get around to mowing as often as they should. Whether you’re new to home ownership and want to protect the healthy turf you’ve inherited or you’re wanting to improve upon a lawn that has been ‘let go’ for too long, fall seeding is one of the best services you can do for your lawn. At Advanced Lawn Solutions, fall is the best time to overseed in Middle Tennessee – we book fall seeding appointments for our clients (new & returning) to begin seeding September 1 and stop fall seeding at the end of October. It’s one of our busiest seasons of the year, so getting on our calendar sooner then later is always better! But other than us just telling you that it’s one of the best services you can provide for your lawn, how about we discuss some of the major benefits of overseeding?


The most obvious reason is super lush, dense turf grass. Our professionals know the best varieties of turf grass to use in your location and customize your turf based on where you live. Having the right turf grass varieties, and the proper ratio of seeding, improves dense turf grass root systems to provide the perfect luscious lawn. Overseeding also helps reduce erosion in your lawn. This can be especially important for new home builds or if you’re in a neighborhood where new homes are being built around you. Because turf grass has compact, fibrous root systems that bind together well, a densely planted turf system in your lawn can help ensure that soil and water stay where you want them, thus preventing soil loss. These dense root systems also help hold onto moisture and nutrients that help your lawn thrive.


It may be obvious the next benefit would be the appearance of the lawn. If your root systems are dense and holding onto the moisture and nutrients, your lawn will have a bright healthy glow. Overseeding helps prevent those balding patches, brown areas or spots in your lawn destroyed by pests or even the family pet. Other than how nice a overseeded, dense lawn looks come spring and summer if FEELS amazing to walk on as well.


Though in some cases we still treat lawns with fertilizer or pesticides to help correct problems, overseeding in the fall sets your lawn up for potentially less services and interventions. Maintaining a healthy lawn with overseeding and correct watering (see our irrigation system services here: https://advancedlawnsolutions.com/irrigation-system/), pests don’t have as much opportunity to take hold in your lawn.


If you would like to discuss overseeding or receive a quote for our fall overseeding and aeration services, give us a call at 615-223-5537.