Did you know that more than one million different species of lawn-damaging pests inhabit the world?

Advanced Lawn Solutions can help you recognize if the signs and symptoms of these turf damaging pest species is present in your lawn.

Being able to accurately recognize these signs can take years of training. Our lawn care professional can quickly determine the species of turf damaging pests present in your lawn based on these biological indicators, as well as specific damage done to various parts of your lawn.

Throughout the season, there are many different types of turf-damaging insects that can cause major destruction to your lawn, like grubs, cutworms, and army worms.

We can provide an insect suppression application to help eliminate the pests that are causing damage to your lawn.

Fleas and Ticks can also be a major nuisance along with being a health risk due to the amount of disease each of the insects can carry. We provide full services to eliminate these pests in your lawn.

It’s best to kill insects, grubs and other pests before they have a chance to cause damage to your lawn.