So, we have been getting a lot of phone calls from the good folks of Middle Tennessee asking us why they should winterize their irrigation systems. The most common concern is, ‘We live in the south, it doesn’t get cold enough here to do damage, right?’ — actually wrong. The winters here actually do get cold enough to do some major (and by major we mean very expensive) damage to your sprinkler system. Your sprinkler system is a huge investment; why not protect it? We think it’s really important to put out there reasons why it’s important to go ahead and winterize and protect your home irrigation system with Advanced Lawn Solutions winterization program.

Though we live in the South, being from Middle Tennessee, we still experience severe winter weather on occasion, and we have a frost line of 12-18 inches. Which means on a normal, average winter your ground is freezing 12-18 inches down (into the ground), and any pipes with water left in them are freezing too. For harsher winters that number can be even higher! So if you forget to turn the water off to your irrigation system in your Middle Tennessee lawn – is that a problem? YES! There is huge risk in leaving the water on all winter, frozen pipes aside, you run the risk of winter flooding — you think summer time flooding is bad, you don’t want to deal with a winter flood!

Your water needs to be turned off to your irrigation system in the winter, but even if the water to your sprinkler system is turned off but isn’t drained or properly blown out — there’s a great risk for frozen pipes and that causes major damage to your sprinkler system. Damage you wont even detect until early spring when you start your system back up! And damage means more money.

It’s October, the perfect time to get your irrigation system prepared for winter. In a month you’ll be scooting from place to place with Holiday activities and the sprinkler system, rightfully so, will be the last thing on your list. After all, an in-ground irrigation system is definitely out of sight, which can mean out of mind when life gets crazy. Advanced Lawn Solutions is here for you. Call us today to schedule your winterizing appointment and go safely into colder weather with Peace of Mind.