Residential Irrigation Maintenance
Fast and Friendly Service!
Moisture Conservation!
Proper System Efficiency!

At first, we will offer two complete maintenance programs for you to choose from. We will have a silver plan that will consist of a Spring Start-up and a Fall/Winter Shut Down. This plan is for the home owner that likes to “tweak” their systems head spray patterns and system run times. We will ensure your system start-up is completed in a timely manner. If we find any components that need

to be replaced, we will let you know and give you 10% of parts and labor if we are allowed to provide the repairs. In the Fall / Winter, we will provide a complete system shut-down. This will consist of blowing out the system, removing the back flow and deactivating the irrigation controller.

Our second program will be our Gold Package. This will be a quarterly service. We will provide a complete spring start-up and Fall / Winter shut down as in the silver plan. We will also provide an annual summer maintenance service. This service will focus on proper coverage of all turf areas and all trees and shrubs to guarantee all plants are receiving adequate moisture. We will also reprogram
the control box for appropriate summer conditions. A fall maintenance service will also be included in the gold plan. we will provide another system evaluation to ensure proper efficiency and reprogram the control box for fall conditions. (This will be right around seeding season)

The main benefit of an irrigation system is providing proper distribution of moisture to key zones of the lawn and landscape. After an irrigation system is installed the system runs great. After several seasons, system components can break due to normal wear and tear. Heads can get clogged, lines can break and system control boxes can start to decline. This is why we are going to focus solely on system maintenance.