As the premier lawn care company in Middle Tennessee, the core of our business revolves around our continued love of Horticultural Lawn Care . We strive to provide the absolute best possible service in the area to our customers. Our Programs can be custom tailored to meet individual needs. From Selective Weed Control to Full Lawn Renovation, the professionals at our advanced lawn care company will provide our customers with the best possible service and knowledge to create and maintain a healthy, beautiful lawn.





As a local, Middle Tennessee provider of lawncare solutions, we believe every lawn we work on represents who we are as a company. Our professionally trained techs care for your lawn as if it were their own because they take pride in every job they do—from the smallest weed elimination project to the largest lighting or irrigation job. Also, as Horticulturalists we understand the need to stay on the cutting edge of technology and science so that we not just provide great results be also be environmentally friendly. So, whether you need regular lawn maintenance or a completely lawn renovation, we know how to properly assess your needs and effectively execute a lawn care solution that is customized just for you. You can trust Advanced Lawn Solutions.

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Turfgrass disease can take show itself almost overnight. With the right moisture and temperature conditions disease can not only affect, but eliminate large portions of your lawn.

We specialize in preventative approaches in our lawn care programs along with suggesting disease resistant varieties to plant during our seeding seasons. We have the ability to apply specific applications to reduce the spread of active disease, saving your lawn from declining further.




Throughout the season, there are many different types of turf-damaging insects that can cause major destruction to your lawn. We can provide an insect suppression application to help eliminate the pests that are causing damage in single or multiple application regimens.

Fleas and Ticks can be a major nuisance along with being a health risk due to the amount of disease each of the insects can carry. We provide full services to eliminate these pests in your lawn.





Identifying and maintaining the correct pH in your soil is one of the fundamental “keys to success” in residential lawn care. Determining the appropriate acidity level for the type of grass you are looking to promote is a major factor in being able to get the best fertilization intake and value for your money.

We specialize in determining and correcting the acidity level in the soil. We only use fast acting supplements to correct the acidity level for your lawn.


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