The Science of Your Lawn & Landscape

Residential lawns nearly account for 70 percent of the total turfgrass acreage in the state. Our goal is to continually provide some of the most advanced horticultural services available while continuing to utilize proven and state of the art products and materials. Lawns need 3 basic things to thrive.

1: Sunlight – Photosynthetic activity is necessary for most grass varieties to thrive. While there are many shade tolerant varieties, most are lacking in the ability to last through our summers.
2: Nutrition – Fertility is a necessity! The question most homeowners have is “How Much and When?” We specialize in providing a balanced fertility regimen throughout the year in our standard eight cycle lawn care program. By using the best products at the right time, we can pinpoint the growth cycle at the right time in the season.
3: Water – Moisture is everything! Too much at the wrong time can induce disease, and too little can allow the grass to shrivel up and wilt. We cant drag the hose for you, but we can suggest the appropriate watering times per season. We can even design a “smart irrigation system” for you. These systems include components that measure the sunlight and moisture on-site or check internet weather databases for current conditions. Once the sensors measure the weather activity, the “smart components” will tell the system when to water and automatically adjust the watering times.

We work in conjunction with nature and the changes in our Middle Tennessee climate to ensure your lawn achieves optimal quality and beauty. We meet or exceed all state and federal requirements and certifications for our industry. Our technicians are fully trained and experienced in the horticultural sciences we provide. You can trust that we will provide an accurate assessment, professional courtesy and appropriate service plan for your lawn.