Lighting System Service Includes:

• The replacement of all needed bulbs
• The inspection of each fixture and daytime adjustment • Lens cleaning (if applicable)
• Transformer Inspection

LED Conversion Services:

In most cases, existing lighting systems can be converted to an LED system by swapping out the existing halogen bulbs with LED variants. If the fixtures in the existing system are in good condition, this is a good service to extend the life of the system, reduce or eliminate the need to change bulbs and have a lower energy cost for the system usage.

Lighting System Expansion:

We offer expansion design options that can increase the detail or add areas to your existing lighting system. Call to schedule and appointment with a designer to discuss your options today!

Lighting System Repair:

Our Lighting Division provides a full repair service for existing lighting systems. From system overloads to basic fixture replacement; if your system requires some work, we can provide an affordable solution for your needs.

There are many benefits to adding a professional lighting system to your home. From increasing the night-time appeal to providing extra security measures lighting systems can provide an exceptional custom addition that you can be proud of.

Elegance and Beauty:

• Custom Powder-Coated fixtures to match the accents of the home
• Matched light temperature to evenly distribute the light
• Increasing the Architectural accents that are commonly not seen at night • Extending the time to use your outdoor living space at night


In some cases, homes can be very dark at night depending on the existing security lights and outdoor sconces on the home. A lighting system can be a added security measure with automatic timers while traveling or during the late hours of the night.


Outdoor enhancements always increase the value of the home. Adding Outdoor lighting can provide an opportunity to make your home stand out from the next when it comes to potential buyers looking into the option of possible purchases.

Quality material is a “must” in all of our design projects, system expansions or repairs. We choose to use only the highest quality of materials from the top lighting manufacturers so you can be confident in the material used in your project.

LED Bulbs and Integrated Diodes:

With our LED installations we will use integrated diode fixtures or LED drop in bulbs with matched °K Temperatures to give the subtle lighting elegance that each system deserves. LED bulbs use significantly less energy than conventional halogen equivalents.

Professional Quality Fixtures:

All of the fixtures we use are custom powder-coated to match the surrounding accents of the home. We use Aluminum, Brass and Copper Fixtures giving the system an extended lifespan and quality that will last for seasons to come!

All Weather Wire and Connections:

Every connection is made with waterproof, grease filled or Heat-Shrink connections ensuring proper and safe connectivity for outdoor use.

Outdoor lighting can add brilliance and elegance to a home, business or outdoor living space at night. The overall concept is to accent the intricate features of a home or living space that set it aside during the day, only at night. We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality of services and a commitment to client satisfaction.

Advanced Lawn Solutions provides a superior commitment to quality and design that sets our lighting systems aside from the competition. Our core focus revolves around creating outstanding, custom lighting project designs using only high quality fixtures while focusing on sustainable energy efficiency.

Initial Consultation:

Each project starts with an initial consultation. We want the client to meet our designers and get to know who could tentatively be earning their business. Our focus is to review the location, take reference images for a design concept and question the client as to their use of the property at night along with their interests.

Custom Design Proposal:

A lighting designer will arrive to determine the appropriate fixtures needed for the project. An explanation of all of the materials used in the design will be presented along with the warranty information and overall project cost.

Project Installation:

The time frame for our project installations can range from 1-5 days depending on the detail of the design. Our staff is always clean, courteous and polite. During our time on- site we will be attentive to detail, aware of our surroundings and remove any debris or material prior to leaving each day. Once the installation is complete and the system has been tested, we will adjust each fixture at night to get the optimum even balance of light so that the system is ready for presentation.

Enjoying Your Lighting System:

We want our clients to not only be happy with their lighting systems but to be proud of the way it accents their home or living space! All of our systems include automatic digital timers or photocells that can be programmed for on/off times based upon season.

Warranty Information:

Advanced Lawn Solutions provides a 1-year warranty on all workmanship and material involved in the initial installation. Most of the lighting manufacturers we choose to use have a 10 year to Lifetime warranty on their products. We only use the best material in the business to build our systems.

The Luxor ZDC System from FX Luminaire - Outdoor Lighting

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