The professionals at Advanced Lawn Solutions are lighting up Middle Tennessee this Holiday Season! From Brentwood to Shelbyville, Columbia to Hendersonville and all the towns in between— Murfreesboro, Smyrna, Franklin and more are getting festive with the Luxor ZDC lighting systems’ spectrum of 30,000 colors! The new lighting options offered by Luxor are making for lots of happy clients, and envious neighbors! Imagine if decorating for the Holidays was as simple as picking out a color scheme on your smart phone! Outdoor lighting of course has many safety features, as well as aesthetic pleasure, but it really is being taken to the next level with this new lighting option.

The Luxor ZDC lighting System from FX Luminaire is revolutionizing outdoor LED lighting — you can zone and dim and choose from 30,000 colors! Who knew there were 30,000 colors period, thats more than the jumbo box of Crayola Crayons! The ZDC lighting system can create these colors using RGBW LED technology. Imagine the possibilities with those many colors to choose from, for not only the Holidays, but game day, special events, weddings, corporate events, graduation parties and MORE! The lighting system by FX Luminaire even gives you the ability to adjust the color temperature to match plants and architecture! You even have the option to mix traditional white light with accent colors giving you the color and control you want in your outdoor lighting! The ZDC lighting system can even be easily upgraded with a few adjustments by one of our Advanced Lawn Solutions Professionals if you already have an existing ZD system! You basically get color at your fingertips with the easy to use color pallets, Wi-Fi capability and smart device compatibility!

If you’re looking to enhance your homes curb appeal and add some outdoor lighting or give your current lighting a little facelift the Luxor ZDC system by FX Luminaire would definitely be an exciting way to go! Give us a call today if you’re considering outdoor lighting, colored lighting or upgrading your lighting system and we can surely help you discover what is best for you! We are bringing the outdoors to life with color in Middle Tennessee!