It’s sad, but it’s true. Man’s best friend and our lawns just don’t play well together. Dogs love lawns, all right, they love to roll in it, lay in it, and they love to urinate all over it, run well-worn paths through it, and dig it up.

So what’s a dog lover and a lawn lover to do?

There is hope. Consider adding a pea gravel path.

Adding a pea gravel path is a good idea because it soaks up urine, can easily be hosed down, and doesn’t get muddy. Because the pebbles are small, dogs don’t typically like to dig in it or even eat the pebbles. It looks good, too, and is far more affordable than installing pavers. Your dog is happy because he can act like a dog; you’re happy because you don’t have to yell at the dog to stop ruining your yard (and keep figuring out ways to fix the damage he’s done). Best of all, with this slight alteration, you can count on your lawn looking better than ever.