“We will design and install a professional
custom lighting system for your home or business”

Perfection. Simple enough, right? Well, that term in not used loosely by our Lighting Division.
Each of our lighting projects are designed to be a custom addition to the home. Looking great during the
day and of course, at night. We spend hours in the conception phase bouncing ideas around about each
of our projects. We strive for perfection in everything we do. From the choice of material used in each
project to the hours at night we spend adjusting each fixture so it produces only the best amount of light.

“We care about our projects as much as we care about our reputation”.

New System Design Process

  • Initial Consultation:Each project starts with an initial consultation. We want the client to meet our designers and get
    to know who could tentatively be earning their business. Our focus is to review the location, take
    reference images for a design concept and question the client as to their use of the property at night
    along with their interests.
  • Custom Design Proposal:In most cases, each project proposal will come with a design rendering so the client can get a
    detailed visual aid for their project. An explanation of all of the materials used in the project will be
    presented along with the warranty information and overall project cost.
  • Project Installation:The time frame for our project installations can range from 1-5 days depending on the detail of
    the design. Our staff is always clean, courteous and polite. During our time on-site we will be attentive to
    detail, aware of our surroundings and remove any debris or material prior to leaving each day. Once the
    installation is complete and the system has been tested, we will adjust each fixture at night to get the
    optimum even balance of light so that the system is ready for presentation.
  • Enjoying Your Lighting System:We want our clients to not only be happy with their lighting systems but to be proud of the way it
    accents their home or living space! After each completed project, we will provide the client with some
    night-time photos to have for reference, send to friends and family or just plain brag about! Extended
    maintenance on our systems should be limited to non based upon the quality of components and
    materials used in the installation. All of our systems include automatic digital timers that will be
    programmed for on/off times based upon season.
  • Warranty Information:Advanced Lawn Solutions provides a 1-year warranty on all workmanship and material involved
    in the initial installation. Most of the lighting manufacturers we choose to use have a 10 year to Lifetime
    warranty on their products. We only use the best material in the business to build our systems.