Middle Tennessee’s soil base consists mostly of compact clay which is naturally acidic. We are in Zone 7 which is know as the Transition Zone. Correcting the soil acidity by the use of lime is the foundation of a good soil fertility program.* Lime contains essential plant nutrients such as Ca (Calcium) and Mg (Magnesium).

At Advanced Lawn Solutions, we choose to use Verde-Cal to neutralize the soil’s acidity level. We find that this supplement will break down quicker than normal pelletized lime, thus allowing our fertilization applications to be more effective and efficient giving our customers a better value for their dollar.
*Source: Potash & Phosphate Institute (Tennessee Valley Resources Inc.)


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•Reduces Hydrogen (H), Sodium (Na), and Chlorine (Cl) in the plant and soil.
• Improves germination, stimulates root growth, and enhances microbial activity.
• Increases essential nutrient absorption and translocation. • Improves soil structure (flocculation, water infiltration).
• Supplies optimal Calcium (Ca) levels to plant cells to strengthen the plants resistance to disease.
• Balances the Ca/N ratio in the plant.
• Quicker response at lower rates.