“Using the right material can make the difference in the life expectancy of your lighting system”

Quality material is a “must” in all of our design projects, system expansions or repairs. We choose to only use quality products from reputable manufactures that are all MADE IN THE USA! We are a local state side business and choose to do business with and use American Made Products in our projects.”

Current Lighting System Maintenance and Additions

  • LED Bulbs and Integrated Diodes:With our LED installations we will use integrated diode fixtures or LED drop in bulbs with matched °K Temperatures to give the subtle lighting elegance that each system deserves. LED bulbs use significantly less energy than conventional halogen equivalents. The energy savings usually helps with the ROI of the cost of the system within 24-36 months.
  • Fixtures:All of the fixtures we use are custom powder-coated to match the surrounding accents of the home. We use Aluminum, Brass and Copper Fixtures giving the system an extended lifespan and quality that will last for seasons to come!
  • System Expansion:We offer expansion design options that can increase the detail or add areas to your existing lighting system. Call to schedule and appointment with a designer to discuss your options today!
  • Enjoying Your Lighting System:We want our clients to not only be happy with their lighting systems but to be proud of the way it accents their home or living space! After each completed project, we will provide the client with some night-time photos to have for reference, send to friends and family or just plain brag about! Extended maintenance on our systems should be limited to non based upon the quality of components and materials used in the installation. All of our systems include automatic digital timers that will be
    programmed for on/off times based upon season.
  • Basic Repair:Our Lighting Division provides a full repair service for existing lighting systems. From system overloads to basic fixture replacement, if your system requires some work, we can provide an affordable solution for your needs.