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Advanced Lawn Solutions
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 by Rick Spence
the best

My Goodness, where to begin. The Advance Team could not be better by way of their customer service and the best lawn care around. They have never, ever, failed to reply to our (or our Lawn) needs. Please consider a call today to Ronnie Bone of Advance. You will be so glad you did when you finally get to work in the lawn you always wanted. Thank you Advance.

 by Georgia McKnight

Spring has not officially arrived yet my lawn is in top shape and a lovely spring green already. This is thanks to the product Advanced Lawn Solutions put down in January. This is really getting a head start on having an outstanding lawn ahead of the season of advanced growth. Kudos to the men and their attentive service year round.

 by Chase and Amy
Best Lawn Company

We have used multiple lawn companies in the past, however none of them have come close to the job that Advanced Lawn does. Josh and Ronnie are the two easiest guys to work with. They know their products inside and out and are very easy to get in touch with. We have used them at two different homes for our lawn care, outdoor lighting, and irrigation. We will continue to use them and we cannot recommend them enough!

 by Vickie
Went Above and Beyond!

We have used other companies in the past. I had complaints about every aspect of them. They did not always respond to emails or calls in a timely manner (sometimes took days or weeks or not at all). They got too big/busy. They started hiring outside contractors. NOT THIS COMPANY! They use their own workers so they are monitoried. They do a great job. They aerated and seeded our yard. We watered morning and night for 2 full weeks and it was such a hassle, but we had a drought that happened to hit right when they seeded and not their fault! We knew we had to keep that seed moist. The grass came in beautifully, but I was worried b/c there were bare spots where eventually heavy rain washed some of it or our water from sprinklers may have done it. This company came out yesterday and put an additional 10 lbs. of seed in bare areas as a surprise without me saying a word! WOW! No other companies do this. They are making sure we are good with no bare spots. It is supposed to rain mostly consistently for at least 10 days now, so no more watering most likely. SO HAPPY. They respond via email, phone, etc. They do what they say, when they say it. Their weed control and fertilizer is effective. I am picky about my yard (not crazy bad, but just expect results and communication). I am beyond happy. Hire this company and your search will be over. They are worth every penny!

 by Tracie
Excellent Results

We used Advanced Lawn Solutions to set up lights around our house and lights and sound around our pool area. We are very happy with the results. They are exactly what they promised, installed on schedule, and the follow up has been excellent. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking to add or update outside lights.

 by Dave Miller
Great Company

We decided to use Advanced Lawn Solutions because a few different friends of ours had used them. We had run into timing issues with landscaping and having a well dug and they were most accommodating especially considering the time of year when they are very busy. Somehow they managed to get us rescheduled. We can't speak highly enough of the professionalism of Josh and Ronnie and their installation crew as excellent. All were very polite and answered questions we had.

 by Richard Dutton

We have been a customer of Advanced Lawn Solutions with our irrigation system since 2015. We were very impressed with the technicians that installed our system. They were very courteous, and answered all questions we had during installation. Joshua Jobe was our first contact with the company. This morning we had a problem with our system, and we had to call, and Joshua was able to walk us through the problem, and saved us a service call, which was very much appreciated. I told Joshua that I gave him and the company a 99.9% rating. We would recommend this company to anyone in need of an irrigation system. We normally don't write reviews, but this is a very good company.

 by Lois Mancuso

I recently worked with Advanced on a project that is located on several acres in Murfreesboro. My client had contracted with Advanced to install a new sprinkler system for the gardens and (vast) lawn areas. This was my first experience with Advanced and what a great experience!

Casey was the Foreman on our job -- he and his crew are THE ABSOLUTE BEST! They were on time, the site was kept neat and clean and Casey... well, he is nothing short of an expert.

His crew is also knowledgeable and they worked together well. They were a delight to work with and I would highly recommend them. Josh also gets my respect and appreciation for designing and coordinating this project. He also is extremely knowledgeable and a real pleasure to work with! Thank you Advanced!!

 by Ryan Muller

We were recommended to Advanced Lawn Solutions by our realtor when we first moved to middle Tennessee, and they have been outstanding ever since. We have used them primarily for irrigation maintenance, repair, and improvement, but are planning a lawn renovation this fall with Ronnie as well. Joshua and Ronnie have both been professional, patient, and spot on with their recommendations. The crews that have come to do the work have been incredibly professional as well. I was home one day they were performing a repair and an intense rain storm came through. I was sure they would have left and rescheduled, but I looked outside to see them toiling away in raincoats. They had the job done ahead of schedule and the system working great.

Lastly, these guys know how to build relationships with clients. They are not focused on selling the most expensive job and moving on, but rather on recommending the right thing (even if its less or to do nothing for the time being), knowing their clients will keep coming back and recommending them around town.

 by Dave Seibert
A great relationship

I have been a client of Advanced Lawn Solutions since 2003. When I first met with them, I laid out my expectations for my lawn. I advised that I desired my lawn to look like a certain outfield in a certain stadium in the South Bronx. They have succeeded in meeting my expectations. Besides my own two eyes, it is confirmed by the compliments I receive by guests and neighbors.

Over the years I have worked with Ronnie Bone. Ronnie is a customer service champion. He is passionate about what he does and he has the heart of a teacher. My band-width as it relates to my lawn is significantly higher after working with Ronnie.

I have also worked with Josh Jobe over the years. Last year I replaced all of the sprinkler heads in my irrigation system. Josh was there from the initial quote to the actual installation. Josh is also a member of the customer service champion fraternity.

Over the years, Ronnie, Josh and everyone at Advanced have been consistently consistent in their outstanding service and results. Mowing my lawn is a weekly event of joy. Thank you.

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