Having a gorgeous lawn in Middle Tennessee doesn’t just happen naturally. With our finicky climate and not so perfect soil, it can make growing lush, gorgeous, turf a bit harder than other parts of the country. There are a few staple applications, techniques, and services you need to give your lawn throughout the year to keep it thriving. One of these very important applications is Overseeding.

Overseeding grass is a process in which you apply grass seed to an already established lawn. The process begins with an aeration service (one of the best things to do for your lawn – see our previous blogs on aeration and why it’s a must for your lawn), then the application of a diverse blend of turf grass seed. This creates a stronger, more disease resistant, lawn. Here at Advanced Lawn Solutions we only use the highest quality of professional turf varieties in our lawns. Overseeding with higher quality grass seed provides:

  • Best Heat and Drought Tolerance
  • Best Disease Resistance
  • Best Color
  • Best Density
  • Best Texture

With our unmatched commitment to quality, personal service, and dependability, you can bet that you’ll have the lush, gorgeous, middle Tennessee lawn you’ve been dreaming of. Call the professionals at Advanced Lawn Solutions today to schedule your seeding services. Seeding takes place September 1st through October 31st.