Do you remember the days as a carefree kid playing baseball on that lush green lawn? Or doing cartwheels? Or the place where you laid and stared at the clouds wishing to be a grown up? You know the days before you knew what a lawn that beautiful took to upkeep? Everything that goes into a beautiful lush lawn can be overwhelming if you’re trying to take on the task alone. Let’s not even get into mowing, fertilizing, seeding, aerating, and landscaping. The mere cost of watering a lawn can be surprising to many homeowners. It may come as a shock to you that many homeowners are actually wasting water, and by association MONEY, by not having a properly installed irrigation sprinkler systems, an old system, or just using the system incorrectly. You don’t want to be the lawn that everyone has to duck by because your sprinkler system has a mind of it’s own or likes to water the neighbor’s yard, the sidewalk, the street, the pond across the way… you get my drift. Having an irrigation system should help you SAVE money while keeping your lawn lush, green, and gorgeous. If your irrigation system is costing you summer vacation spending cash, here are few things to consider that could help not only cut costs but be healthier for your lawn and community as well.

1. Always check your irrigation system. Your irrigation system could be malfunctioning and you may not even be aware of it. An irrigation system that isn’t performing properly can be costing you THE BIG BUCKS! Your sprinkler heads need to be aimed properly and the system needs to be checked for leaks and pressure as well. Make sure your system is updated with the latest and greatest spray heads, valves, and wiring.

2. Water Smarter — Not Harder. Watering your lawn and/or garden doesn’t mean you have to be a slave to it. Some great habits to get into is watering early in the morning (this is something Advanced Lawn Solutions Professionals will do for you when programming your irrigation system). Watering in the afternoon during hot hours of the day allows for the water to evaporate, rather then soak into the soil, therefore WASTING SO MUCH MONEY.

These tips can really save you a bundle on your water bill without cutting corners or having to forfeit that beautiful lawn you want to enjoy all summer long. Advanced Lawn Solutions Professionals keep your irrigation system updated, working properly, and in the end, saving you money all summer long!