With the weather finally warming up, it’s the perfect time to create outdoor ambiance that will make the outside of your home just as welcoming as the inside.

Outdoor lighting can add brilliance and elegance to a home, business or outdoor living space at night. The overall concept is to accent the intricate features of a home or living space that set it aside during the day, only at night.

Advanced Lawn Solutions provides a superior commitment to quality and design that sets our lighting systems aside from the competition. Our core focus revolves around creating outstanding, custom lighting project designs using only high quality fixtures while focusing on sustainable energy efficiency.

Halogen or LED? Every designer has their opinion of which is better. For the most part, your decision should lie on the overall project and the explanation of the designer on why they chose the fixtures for your project. LED fixtures usually cost more money but use less energy and require less maintenance. Halogen fixtures are usually less expensive but require more ongoing maintenance, bulb replacement and higher energy usage costs.

Lighting Systems add elegance, security and value to your home. Call 615-223-5537 for a Free Quote and to get started building your perfect lighting design.