The best way to ensure a beautiful, lush, green yard in the spring is to give your yard a little TLC in the fall. Now is the time to put it in a little extra work so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor when the weather warms again. Here are a few tips to make sure your efforts do not go unnoticed:

1. Remove the leaves
A blanket of leaves may look pretty and be fun to play in, but the leaves block the light from your grass and trap in moisture, which could be fatal for your turf. Blow or rake away leaves as often as you can. Make sure you don’t forget about the corners of the yard where the wind collects leaves even after the trees are bare. Anywhere where leaves are left through the season will leave soggy, dead grass when spring comes.

2. Keep your grass at a proper height
Grass keeps growing even up until the first hard frost, so regular cuts are needed to keep it at the ideal 2.5-3 inches. Too long, and your grass will mat and be vulnerable to fungi like snow mold. Too short, and the root system will be curtailed, which impedes the lawn’s ability to withstand winter cold and dryness. The best way to maintain the perfect grass height is to hire a professional who knows exactly what height your grass needs to be to ensure proper growth.

3. Seed
The fall is an important time to seed existing grass to keep the lawn full and lush next spring. Filling in the bare patches and aerating the soil is also important to a beautiful yard. Seeding can be a complicated process, though, which is why we recommend hiring a professional to make sure it is done properly.

While you’re enjoying all the fun that fall brings, don’t forget to care for your lawn. Putting in the work now will ensure your yard is beautiful and green next spring!