Like the old saying, “The best defense is a good offense”, we believe the best way to have a great lawn is to prevent weeds before they start. If you’ve ever spent a summer trying to kill weeds you’ll understand how a little prevention can go a long way to not just giving you a gorgeous lawn, but a lawn you love — not resent.

What Are Pre-Emergents?

Pre-emergent herbicides inhibit root development in newly germinated seeds of undesirable plant growth, i.e., weeds such as crabgrass. Strategically, pre-emergent herbicides stay on the surface of the soil where weeds germinate in order to hit them fast and hard. Depending on the quality of the herbicide, timing, and weather, the effects can last up to several months. At Advanced Lawn Solutions we don’t just use the top performing pre-emergent herbicides for our Middle Tennessee clients and their specific needs, but we stay on top of innovative industry trends and techniques in order to ensure both the best and safest weed killing treatments.

Why Should You Care?

Unless you love a lawn full of ugly weeds, you should care about pre-emergent treatments. In our fertile Tennessee environment, it’s not enough to just weed, seed and feed. One of the reasons it’s smart to trust your lawn care to professionals is because we live this stuff. We know the right timing to apply the right treatments to your lawn. It really can matter if you live in Metro Nashville, rural Rutherford County or downtown Franklin. Just like our finger prints, no two lawns are exactly the same, therefore we customize all of our treatments for every lawn.


  • Are pre-emergents safe for pets, children, flowers, trees, shrubs and the water table?
  • Is there a waiting period before being able to be use or cut the lawn?
  • Will my lawn eventually be free of weeds?
  • Should I get soil samples before calling Advanced Lawn Solutions?


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