So you read all the information, blogs, articles, FB Posts, twitter feeds, etc… and you finally realized how much having an irrigation system would benefit you.  You took the plunge and did it. Congratulations! It really is true, a home sprinkler system has a ton of benefits, which we won’t get into, but if you’re reading this and aren’t in the group of people who already have a home irrigation system in Middle Tennessee, you really should consider it. If you have questions or need more information, feel free to give us a call and an Advanced Lawn Solutions professional can walk you through the importance of, and all the options you have in home irrigation.

Once you have your home irrigation system in place or maybe you have purchased a home that came with a home irrigation system and you’re new to what you need to do to take care of it — The professionals at Advanced Lawn Solutions in Murfreesboro have you covered. As with many things that come with being a home owner, it’s easy to feel like something is always going wrong. The key to your irrigation system is to take these steps to prevent any major issues from coming up. That’s where regular maintenance comes in.

There are a number of common lawn sprinkler problems that are only minor issues that will be caught early on with regular maintenance on your home sprinkler system. It’s when these small things don’t get tended to that major issues arise. Here are three of the most common minor issues that can lead to major damage.

  1. Blocked Sprinkler Heads – The Sprinkler head in your lawn sprinkler system provides your lawn with an even flow of water. If you do not have your system cleaned and inspected regularly sprinkler heads will stop working efficiently—or at all. Generally speaking, a blockage is a simple issue that when caught can be fixed easily however if gone undiagnosed too long, water can back up and potentially lead to an underground leak or system damage.
  2. Off-Target Watering- Upon set up of your sprinkler, it is set up to distribute water to a certain area or zone. Over time, many factors cause your system to get off track and shift from the targeted area. If gone too long you may end up watering your neighbor’s hydrangeas instead of your own.
  3. Frozen Pipes- your sprinkler system has a number of pipes that are interconnected and these pipes run both above and under ground. In the winter, there is a possibility that these pipes can freeze and frozen pipes tend to burst, regular pre-winter maintenance on your system can prevent this kind of damage from happening.

With proper maintenance and service by an Advanced Lawn Solutions Technician, you will have few to no major problems with your lawn irrigation system. Whether you purchased your home sprinkler system through us, someone else or your home came with it — we can help! Call us today.