Trees and shrubs often fail to flourish due to lack of proper nourishment. Deep root feeding on a regular basis will help improve and protect your landscape. You should feed your trees and shrubs at least once per season. Deep root feeding is the process of injecting a unique blend of essential nutrients directly to the root zone. This encourages root cell division and repair. All nutrients are immediately used by the tree or shrub.

Fertilizer used on your lawn is mostly absorbed by grass so little to no fertilizer is absorbed by trees or shrubs. Deep root feeding reduces the possibility of all nutrients becoming absorbed by your lawn’s grassroots system. It does not work on small shrubs or grass since these plants have short roots. Large trees and shrubs have deep roots that are looking for nutrients under the surface. When they cannot find the nutrients they need to survive, there will be a noticeable decline in their health.

Signs that your trees and shrubs need deep root feeding:

  • Trees and shrubs are growing in compacted soil
  • Trees and shrubs are unable to get enough nutrients from their surroundings
  • Branches and leaves show signs of growth stress or severe root damage

The benefits of deep root feeding include:

  • Improved flowering
  • Reduces soil compaction around trees and shrubs
  • Stimulates root and stem growth
  • Better resistance to plant disease
  • Decreased vulnerability to pests

Deep root feeding is unfortunately not a DIY project due to the use of special equipment. You will need lawn care professionals, like Advanced Lawn Solutions to help you get the job done. We are a lawn care company, located in Middle Tennessee, and we specialize in lawn and landscape care, seeding, irrigation, lighting, weed control, and mosquito/pest control. Give us a call at (615) 223-5537 or fill out our form for a free quote!